200-1 - What is the purpose of this part of 347 DM  DOI FTR Implementing Instructions?
To document the policies and procedures required by certain travel situations not covered in the Federal Travel Regulation.

200-2 - Does the policy in this part of 347 DM  DOI FTR Implementing Instructions apply to travelers the same as the other parts which correspond to  FTR parts?


201-1 - What is local travel?
Travel that is performed for official purposes in and around the duty point that does not entitle an employee to per diem or other subsistence allowances.  Policies for travel that create an entitlement to per diem or subsistence reimbursement are found under temporary duty allowances (Chapter 301).

201-2 - If I use my POV for approved official duties in and around my duty station, may I be reimbursed?
Yes, if you have approval to use your POV, you will be reimbursed for the miles driven, tolls, and parking fees incurred while away from your office. The mileage allowance you receive is intended to cover the average cost of operating a POV.

201-3 - Will I be reimbursed for my gasoline if I use my  POV for official business?
No, you will receive a mileage allowance which includes your reimbursement for gasoline.  Remember gasoline is a centrally billed item and should never be charged on the Government sponsored charge card if it is being used in a POV.

201-4 - If I ride with a co-worker can I receive local travel allowances?
No, only the primary operator may be reimbursed.

201-5 - If I have approval to use my POV to travel  to an alternate work site near my duty station what may I be reimbursed?
You will be reimbursed the increased cost you incur, not to exceed the mileage allowance for the additional miles driven plus the increased tolls and parking fees incurred.

201-6 - Is local travel for training reimbursed in the same manner as other approved local travel?
Yes, when reimbursement for training travel has been approved.  The training act does not require reimbursement of all training expenses; thus, reimbursement will be governed by your training agreement.  The reimbursement for training travel may not be authorized in an amount greater than for local travel to perform official duties.

201-7 - Will I be reimbursed if have to pay a fine for a parking or traffic violation while performing approved local travel?
No, fines are not reimbursable.

201-8 - If I routinely use my POV for travel from my residence to a worksite, is this reimbursement taxable?  
Yes, if the travel is routine and represents the majority of workdays in a work year.   

201-9 - Must I use my POV to perform local travel to conduct official business?
No, you cannot be required to use your POV to perform official duties.

201-10 - May I be reimbursed mileage to go from my residence to the office or a designated location to pick up a government vehicle to be used for travel not requiring overnight lodging?
Only if the travel to the designated location exceeds your normal commuting cost to your office.  When the cost exceeds your normal commuting cost you may be reimbursed the increased cost you incur, not to exceed the mileage allowance for the miles driven plus the increased tolls and parking fees incurred. (Also see lodging required  347 DM DOI FTR Implementing Instructions 310-10.305).

201-11 - Will DOI reimburse me for additional insurance coverage because I use my POV for performing official duties in the local area?
No, the mileage reimbursement includes the cost of gasoline, insurance and other operating costs.

201-12 - If my office/duty point is relocated may I be reimbursed for the additional mileage or travel costs from my residence to the new office/duty point.
No, the cost of commuting from an employee's residence to the duty location is a personal responsibility.

201-13 - If I am authorized to drive my POV to a temporary duty station, will I be paid local mileage for the travel from my place of lodging to the normal place of duty at the temporary station?
No, the cost of transportation from your place of lodging to your place of duty is included in your per diem allowance. Transportation costs between place of lodging and places where meals are obtained are part of the incidental expenses included in the per diem allowance (See 41 CFR 300-3.1, Incidental expenses).

201-14 - If I am assigned a Government vehicle or have agreed to use a Government vehicle, what mileage rate may I receive if I elect to use my POV for local travel?
When a Government vehicle is assigned and available the reimbursable mileage rate is 10.5 cents per mile when you use your POV for personal preference.  When a Government vehicle is available and you have not committed to using a Government vehicle the reimbursable mileage rate is 28.5 cents per mile when you use your POV for personal preference.

201-15 - Can I be required to provide transportation to other employees in my POV?
No, you do not have to accept the responsibility of transporting other employees in your POV.

201-16 - Can I be required to ride with another employee in his/her POV?
No, you cannot be required to travel in another employee's POV.

201-17 - Can I be required to ride in a Government vehicle with other employees and what is the consequences of not riding in a Government vehicle that is available and is transporting other employees?
Yes, a Government vehicle may be designated as the directed mode to transportation.  When the directed mode of transportation is not used, reimbursement will not be allowed for the mode used.

201-18 - Can I take a Government vehicle to my residence and keep it overnight when I have a need for it the next day?
The use and control of Government vehicles are subject to the fleet management regulations and not the FTR.  You should consult your fleet management official for information on the proper use of a Government vehicle.


204-1 - Has the Department issued a guide for senior employees and political appointees to use when traveling?
Yes, the Department has issued a Travel Primer for Political Appointees.