June 16, 2004

Department of the Interior Acquisition Policy Release (DIAPR) 2004-05

SUBJECT: Department Wide Prohibition Against the Acquisition of Interrogation or Human Intelligence Services

1. Purpose:

This policy release establishes Department Wide policy prohibiting the acquisition of certain services, as specified below.

2. Effective Date:

This policy release is effective upon issuance.

3. Expiration Date:

This policy release shall remain in effect until the following policy is formally incorporated into the Departmental Manual under the Department of the Interior Acquisition Regulation.

4. Policy:

Effective immediately, Department of the Interior contracting personnel are prohibited from acquiring by contract, inter-agency acquisition, grant, cooperative agreement, or other vehicles, interrogation or human intelligence services regardless of dollar value, for internal or external customers. Specifically, this includes any requirements related to interrogation, screening of foreign detainees, and/or linguists and translators associated with the interrogation or screening process.

Contracting officers are required to consult with their respective Chief of Contracting Office or Bureau Procurement Chief whenever there is a question as to whether any incoming requisitions fall into the catagories covered by this policy.

5. Action Required:

Bureau Procurement Chiefs shall provide a copy of this policy to all procurement and contracting personnel employees in their bureaus.

Please contact Patricia Corrigan of this office on 202-208-1906 if you have any questions regarding the above policy.

Debra E. Sonderman, Director
Office of Acquisition and Property Management