PAM Policy Inventory  Click this link to view an entire inventory of the following policies issued by the Office of Acquisition and Property Management: Departmental Manual Chapters, DIAPR, DIPPR, DIG, and DOI-AAAP. This link is internal to individuals with access to the DOI Domain.



2014-02, Amendment 1 -- Purchase Requests
2014-05 -- Pilot Program for Enhancement of Contractor & Financial Assistance Recipient Employee Whistleblower Protection

2014-04-- Federal Spending Transparency:  Subaward and Compensation Data Reporting

2014-03 -- Policy for Contractor Access to the FBMS  

2014-02--Purchase Requests

2014-01 -- Financial Assistance Liability & Insurance 



2011-03, Amendment 1-- Financial Assistance Monitoring Protocol

2013-06--Financial Assistance Cost Review Guidance 

2013-03 -- Automated Standard Application for Payments (ASAP) System 



2012-08 --Dun and Bradstreet Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) and Central Contractor Registration (CCR) Requirements for Grants and Cooperative Agreements

2012-02-Financial Assistance Administration Potential Responses to Natural Disasters



2011-01--Award Termination for Default Referral (DOI Suspension and Debarring Official)


2010-03 -- Department of the Interior Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance Updates



2008-5 -- Automated Standard Application for Payments System

2008-4 -- Reporting Competition in the Federal Procurement Data System for Task/Delivery Orders and BPA Cells