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Start of Outage:
01/12/2015 11:05 ET
Expected End of Outage:
Notification Message The Department of the Interior is experiencing an unplanned interruption of the following service: Timestamp Mon Jan 12 2015 09:05:38 GMT-0700 (MST) Username Incident Number INC000001584844 What specific service is affected? Remedy How are you impacted? Need to restart the application. May be a brief outage and require users to log back in again. When is it estimated this service will be restored? * 9:15 am. What caused the outage? Unix patching What workarounds are available, if any? None What E-mail distribution list or E-mail addresses does this outage notification need to be distributed to? remedy users I acknowledge that I will provide a distribution list name or E-mail addresses to the outage team for outage distribution Yes


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