Handbooks to the OST Directives System

OST handbooks provide employees and other users with details of how (procedurally) program office operations are accomplished. Each OST handbook correlates to a specific chapter of the OST Directives System Manual. Handbooks are produced and issued through OST program offices. Handbooks with an Issuance Date in the far right column have been published. If the Issuance Date is missing it means the handbook is being revised and is currently unavailable.

HANDBOOKS (Current and in Development)
010 DS 1-H                     

OST Directives System  Handbook                                                        

Sets forth instructions for program offices to follow to produce policies and supporting documents. The handbook includes a template for each type of directive produced, as well as a template for a Transmittal Sheet and a Clearance Record.


402 DS 1-H

Trust Beneficiary Call Center Handbook

Sets forth compliance standards for OST staff and employees of commercial firms under contract with OST. Contents of the handbook are stated in the form of specific administrative rules.  Each rule governs a specific function of the Trust Beneficiary Call Center.

Currently being revised.