OST-Wide Policy Memoranda

OST-Wide Policy Memoranda (OST-WPM) provide interim instructions regarding the official duties and responsibilities of OST employees. OST-WPM are valid for one year.  At the end of the initial expiration period, each one is evaluated for relevance. OST-WPM may be extended for one year, superseded by updated guidance, or converted to permanent policy (an OST DS Chapter).  The effective date is the date a signature of approval is placed upon the document.  The expiration date is one year from the effective date. An OST-Wide Policy Memorandum is established or amended only in writing and only by the Special Trustee for American Indians or the Principal Deputy Special Trustee. There are no current interim policies to publish.

OST-Wide Policy Memoranda By Title


Tribal Consultation   
06/11/2015 06/11/2016
OST-WPM-TR-2 Box Criteria Standards 10/16/2014 10/16/2015
OST-WPM-PCP-3 Directives Management and Approval Authority 06/11/2015  06/11/2016
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