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Is OST holding money for you?
OST maintains addresses of IIM account owners. Addresses make it possible for OST to keep in touch with account owners, sending them their account statements and their funds.  Whereabouts Unknown (WAU) accounts are those for which OST does not have current address information. As of June 30, 2014, there were 63,497 WAU accounts. The combined monetary value of those accounts was $98.5 million. Search the WAU database of names.

Need help? 1-888-678-6836
For help with account information, to update your account address, or for other account support, call the Trust Beneficiary Call Center, toll free, 1-888-678-6836.

How to Read Your IIM Statement

Visit the How to Read Your IIM Statement page and click on the link of the same name to go to a sample statement with highlighted definitions.

Receive IIM Funds Electronically

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OST Mini-Quiz!

How many powwows did OST Field Operations personnel participate in during fiscal year 2013?
a)    27
b)    113
c)    990

Find the answer on the new IIM financial empowerment training page.


  • IRS Notice 2102-60 Federal Income Tax Treatment of Per Capita Payments of Certain Settlements

  • The Trust Beneficiary Call Center is continuing to experience a high volume of incoming beneficiary calls about Cobell settlement payments. If you are calling regarding Cobell settlement individual class-action payments, the Trust Beneficiary Call Center does not have this information. Your best source for information is the Garden City Group:

         Garden City Group, Inc.

        Call: 1-800-961-6109 toll free
        Mail: Indian Trust Settlement, P.O. Box 9577, Dublin, OH 43017-4877

Land Buy-Back Program for Tribal Nations (click here)

“… and over the next four years, as long as I have the privilege of serving as your President we’re going to keep working together to make sure the promise of America is fully realized for every Native American.” – President Barack Obama. The Land Buy-Back Program for Tribal Nations can help fulfill the President’s goal. To find out how you can brighten the future of Indian Country by consolidating your fractionated interests and restoring them to the tribe with jurisdiction, visit here, or register as a willing seller by calling the Trust Beneficiary Call Center at 888-678-6836.

 Wide view of land with shrubs on the horizon-line

Land Buy-Back Program for Tribal Nations - For you, your land, your community. Consolidation makes a difference. Trust Beneficiary Call Center (888) 678-6836;