Fiduciary Trust Officer: Horton Agency

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Agency Staff

Fiduciary Trust Officer
785-486-2161 (M)

Mona Cortez
Accounting Technician

David Jenkins
Accounting Technician

Office Location

Horton Agency
908 First Avenue East
Horton, KS  66439

Directions to the Office:  The Agency is located at the corner of 9th and First Ave. East (east side of the street).  We are catercorner from the United States Post Office.

Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation - Land Buy Back events coming soon to your reservation!

The Secretary of the Interior established the Land Buy-Back Program for Tribal Nations to implement the land consolidation provisions of the Cobell Settlement. The Settlement provides for a $1.9 billion Trust Land Consolidation Fund to consolidate fractional land interests across in Indian Country.

Individual American Indians will have opportunities to get cash payments for voluntarily selling their fractional land interests.

When individuals voluntarily sell their fractional interests through the Buy-Back Program, the U.S. Department of the Interior will contribute up to $60 million to an Indian Education Scholarship Fund for American Indian and Alaska Native students. See Office of the Special Trustee Website for official information.

Upcoming Events


Is OST holding money for you?

OST is seeking current addresses for Individual Indian Money (IIM) account holders. All Whereabouts Unknown (WAU) accounts have either interests in lands and/or funds to be disbursed to rightful owners. 

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