Recently Released Report

Guam Public Safety


This report contains the results of our evaluation of Guam Public Safety. We reviewed Guam's Police Department (GPD), Fire Department (GFD), and Homeland Security (GHS) to determine their ability to meet the current public safety needs of Guam's citizens and prepare for the increase in population resulting from the military buildup.

We determined that despite efforts made by the public safety agencies, GFD and GPD are unable to meet the current needs of Guam and will be unable to meet the needs of the anticipated increase in population. Unless shortcomings in staffing, infrastructure, vehicles, maintenance, and training are addressed, the citizens of Guam will continue to be at risk from natural and manmade disasters, as well as the possible increase in crime associated with population growth. GHS, which is 100 percent Federally funded, meets Guam's current needs, but as Federal funding decreases, it may be unable to maintain its current level of service without local funding.

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