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Complaint Hotline

Anyone with knowledge of fraud, waste, abuse, misconduct, or mismanagement involving the U.S. Department of the Interior should call or write the Office of Inspector General's Hotline:

  • Hotline Complaint Form
  • Telephone - OIG Hotline's Toll Free Number: 1-800-424-5081
  • Fax - Complete and submit the Complaint Form to:
    703-487-5402 (Attention: Hotline Operations)
  • U.S. Mail - Complete and submit the Complaint Form to:
    U.S. Department of the Interior
    Office of Inspector General
    1849 C Street, NW
    Washington, DC 20240
    Attention: Hotline Operations
  • You may also report fraudulent activities to the nearest regional OIG offices at the following locations:
    Eastern Regional Office - Herndon, VA: 703-487-8057
    Central Regional Office - Lakewood, CO: 303-236-8296
    Western Regional Office - Sacramento, CA: 916-978-5630

Click here to download our printable hotline poster.

When DOI employees or private citizens report suspicions of wrongdoing to the Office of Inspector General (OIG), we can investigate the complaint and hopefully resolve the issue, resulting in positive change for the Department. This video highlights just one example of the type of work we do when we receive reports of wrongdoing.

Remember, if you suspect something is wrong, report it to OIG.

More than 850 hours of generously donated annual leave was stolen by an employee faking a fatal illness. Coworkers suspected that something didn’t seem right and reached out to OIG. That outreach led to an investigation and conviction, and furthermore, to the strengthening of a DOI program. All it took was someone sharing information with OIG.

Every week, Interior employees and private citizens from across the Nation reach out to OIG, and the information they share can turn into investigations or audits with outcomes that result in positive change for the Department, its employees, and the public. From millions of dollars in restitution to programmatic improvements to protecting the visiting public, you have an opportunity to impact the work that we do. We accomplish our mission to provide independent oversight and promote integrity and accountability by working with people who contact us to report fraud, waste, or mismanagement.

You, too, can share your tips and report wrongdoing through the OIG Hotline or by calling 1-800-424-5081. You can also report allegations in person at any of our locations across the country, and you may be afforded additional protection under the Whistleblower Act. Remember, if you suspect something is wrong, report it to OIG.

"Suspect It" Hotline Video

February 25, 2015

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Last Updated: 02/27/2015