Complaint Processing

Upon receipt of a specific allegation, the OIG may take any one of the following actions:

  • Initiate an audit, inspection, review, or investigation;
  • Refer the matter to U.S. Department of the Interior management for appropriate review and action;
  • Refer the allegation to another Federal Agency, including other Offices of Inspector General; or
  • Hold the matter in abeyance until further, specific details are reported.

If known, please provide the following information concerning deception or misconduct by a contractor and/or grantee, if known, it is helpful to provide the:

  • Name and address of the primary and sub-contractors;
  • Type of contract (e.g. fixed-fee or cost-plus);
  • Bid, contract, or grant numbers;
  • Date of the contract or grant award;
  • Name of the agency official responsible for the contract or grant; and
  • Amount of the contract or grant.

Information on how to report fraud, waste, or mismanagement involving other Government Agencies can be found at IGNET.

Report fraud, waste, or mismanagement related to the U.S. Department of Interior through the OIG hotline.