About the Inspector General

MKendallMary Kendall spent much of her career as an attorney for Federal law enforcement programs and as a State and Federal prosecutor. She joined the Federal workforce in 1986 as an attorney for the Environmental Protection Agency's Office of General Counsel. In 1990, she transferred to EPA's Office of Criminal Enforcement, where she served for 9 years.

Ms. Kendall became Deputy Inspector General at the Department of the Interior in the fall of 1999. She played an instrumental role in transforming the Office of Inspector General into an innovative organization dedicated to being the independent, objective broker of choice.

The OIG is an oversight organization responsible to the American people, the Secretary, and Congress. The OIG abides by the highest ethical standards and has the courage to tell its customers and stakeholders what they need to know and not just what they wish to hear. OIG core values help fulfill its mission and maintain its high ethical standards: placing the highest value on objectivity and independence to ensure integrity in its workforce and products; striving for continuous improvement; and believing in the limitless potential of its employees.