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U.S. Department of the Interior - Office of Insular Affairs
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2013 IGIA

2013 Senior Plenary Session of the Interagency Group on Insular Areas

Federal Presentations, Territorial Issue Papers, Federal Briefing Papers



  1. Commerce – Formulating Economic Policy in the Territories Using the GDP
    - BIO Mark Doms, ESA, Commerce
  2. Health and Human Services – CMS Hospital Surveys – Keeping in Good Standing
    - BIO Thomas Hamilton, CMS, HHS
  3. USDA – Leveraging USDA Programs to Advance Infrastructure & Development Projects
    - BIO Jessica Zufolo, RD, USDA
    - BIO Chris Kanazawa
  4. National Science Foundation – Partnering with the National Science Foundation
    - BIO John John Cruickshank, National Science Foundation
  5. Homeland Security – Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) 
    Sharing Experiences Learned from Sandy and Others To Help the Territories
    - BIO Michael Byrne, FEMA, DHS
  6. USDA - National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) Programs in Insular Areas
    - BIO Saleia Afele-Fa'amuli, NIFA, USDA


  1. American Samoa - Letter from Governor Lolo M. Moliga, Feb. 4, 2013
  2. Guam - Letter from Governor of Guam DC Office Director Rick Perez, Feb. 8, 2013
  3. Guam - Congresswoman Bordallo, Bill on Guam War Claims Commission, 113th Congress
  4. Northern Mariana Islands – Letter from Congressman Gregorio Kilili Sablan, Feb. 14, 2013
  5. U.S. Virgin Islands – Letter from Governor John P. de Jongh, Feb. 20, 2013
  6. a.) U.S. Virgin Islands – Letter from Congresswoman Christensen on USVI Energy Crisis, Dec. 18, 2012
    b.) U.S. Virgin Islands – Congresswoman Christensen, Bill on USVI Energy Crisis, 112th Congress
    c.) U.S. Virgin Islands – One Page Briefing Document on USVI Energy Crisis


  1. Commerce – BEA Bureau of Economic Analysis, Survey of Territorial Economic Accounts Nov. 2012
  2. Commerce – Census Release Schedule for the 2010 Island Areas Decennial Census Data Products
  3. Commerce – EDA IGIA Progress Report
  4. Defense – ACE Army Corps of Engineers Interior Collaboration Insular ABCs
  5. Education – Education Funds Status Report to the IGIA
  6. Energy – NREL, FAS and Territories 2013 February IGIA Briefing
  7. Energy – WIP US Territories, Final Brief
  8. EPA – Support for US Pacific Insular Areas
  9. GAO – Compilation of Recent GAO Reports on the Insular Areas and FAS
  10. HHS – Affordable Care Act Information for the Territories Sebelius Letter
  11. Homeland Security – IGA Overview
  12. Homeland Security – Customs and Border Protection – USVI and CNMI Activities
  13. Homeland Security – FEMA Region 9 Pacific Territories
  14. Homeland Security – Infrastructure Protection Activities
  15. Homeland Security – Parole Initiatives
  16. Homeland Security – Transportation Security Administration
  17. Homeland Security – USCIS Clarifications on Employment
  18. Homeland Security – USCIS CNMI
  19. Housing and Urban Development – IGIA Report on the Insular Areas
  20. Housing and Urban Development – Pacific Insular Areas Briefing
  21. a) Housing and Urban Development – USVI Briefing
    b) Housing and Urban Development – Novogradac JTC Article Feb. 2012
  22. Interior – Coral Reef Task Force Highlights
  23. Interior – National Park Service Historic Preservation Fund Grants and Programs
  24. Interior – OIA 2012 Technical Assistance Highlights to U.S. Territories
  25. Labor – Insular Area Briefing Paper
  26. National Science Foundation – Abstract Awards to the Pacific Jurisdictions and the U.S. Virgin Islands
  27. Region IX – Federal Regional Council Outer Pacific Committee
  28. Small Business Administration – The Insular Areas
  29. Social Security Administration – Factsheet and SSI 101
  30. Transportation – Overview of Territorial Programs at DOT
  31. USDA – Rural Development, IGIA Briefing Report
  32. a) USDA – NIFA1 Programs for Insular Areas and Factsheet USDA
    b) NIFA2 Strengthening Ag-Food Science Choices 2012
  33. a) USDA – NIFA3 Childhood Obesity USDA
    b) NIFA CHL Program Brochure
    c) USDA – NIFA CHL Program Newsletter