OFAS Surveys

Welcome to the Office of Facilities and Administrative Services (OFAS) Customer Satisfaction Survey site.  OFAS has established this site to document and communicate its multi-year customer survey strategy.  OFAS Surveys are used either to seek employee interest on a particular initiative, or to establish a baseline customer satisfaction rating for OFAS managed programs and/or services; and surveys are distributed based on the target audience.

We encourage you to visit this site often, as we will update our surveys and action plans so you can monitor our progress.  Also, when you receive an OFAS survey, know that we are VERY interested in hearing from you and the time you take to complete each survey will hep us to improve our programs and services, ultimately enabling us to serve you better.

FY 2015 Surveys

 January - March Status Survey Results  Action Plans 
Facilities Management Closed Results
Action Plan
 April - June      
 July - September      

Completed Surveys (FY 2014)

October - December Status Survey Results Action Plans
Office of the Secretary Personal Property Management Closed Results Action Plan
Health Unit  Closed Results Action Plan
January - March      
Recycling & Composting  Closed  Results   
 Department of the Interior Library Service Closed Results  N/A
Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Closed Results  
April - June      
Conference & Special Events Closed  Results Action Plan 
July - September      
Creative Communication Services Closed  Results Action Plan 


OFAS Survey Program Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)


Joe Nassar, Director
Phone: (202) 208-5617
Email: Joseph_W_Nassar@ios.doi.gov