The mission of the Mail and Messenger Services Branch (MMSB) is to provide excellent business and customer driven, cost effective, quality products and services.  We offer high-quality services that are efficient, and economical while employing best mail practices and procedures.

The MMSB is responsible for the Department of the Interior Federal Mail Management and Transportation Services Programs.  These tasks encompass developing, managing, and implementing programs on mail policy, overseeing and managing mail operations, giving mail related technical advice and assistance to bureaus nationwide, and providing driving services for senior level officials, within the Office of the Secretary, in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area. 

Mail Services

Mail Policy – ensures that all mail managers are aware and comply with standards and operational procedures established by service providers such as U. S. Postal Services (USPS), Federal Express, United Parcel Service (UPS), and General Services Administration (GSA).

Mail Operations – Provides technical guidance on mail facility operations.  This includes a full range of mail services for the Main Interior Building (MIB) and satellite buildings.  The services are primary sort (by bureau), secondary sort (by mail stop), internal delivery (within MIB) external delivery (outside MIB), dispatch (application of postage to mail), and distribution (breakdown of bulk materials).  We deliver and pick-up mail two times daily.  The times are 10:30am and 2:00pm.


Messenger Services – Provides driving support for senior officials at the MIB.


DOI Locator – The DOI Locator Team processes phone calls from worldwide callers requesting either employee contact, or Departmental program information.  The DOI Locator phone number is 202-208-3100.


Express Mail – These are packages to be delivered by Federal Express or UPS.  Customers process the packages online and drop-off the packages and related paperwork at MIB mailroom, to be picked up by Federal Express or UPS.  Drop boxes are located at C St behind guards.  UPS pick up time is at 6:15pm and FedEx pick up time is at 6:30pm.



Domestic Delivery Services




If you need assistance, please contact the OFAS Service Desk at (202) 208-2222 or one of the individuals below: 

MIB Mailroom – Room 1621
Helen Briscoe (Contractor)
Phone:  (202) 208-3285 

Bulk Mail/Large Boxes Pickup –Room 1608
Darrin Simpkins (Contractor)
Phone:  (202) 208-3285

Locator Services and Federal Express Drop off - Room 1083           
Howard Coley
Phone:  (202) 208-7050

Taunya Scott
Phone:  (202) 208-1452

John Butler
Branch Chief
Phone: (202) 208-4682