#....System name:

       Personal Property Accountability Records--Interior, MMS-2.
     System location:
       This system is located in (1) Procurement and Support Services
   Division, Minerals Management Service, 381 Elden Street, Herndon,
   Virginia 20170-4817; and (2) Administrative offices in substantially
   all field locations. A listing of field locations is available from
   the System Manager.
     Categories of individuals covered by the system:
       Employees of MMS and OSM who are accountable for Government owned
   controlled property.
     Categories of records in the system:
       Records of assignment of an internal identification number and
   acknowledgment of receipts by employees. Records of transfers to
   other accountable employees. Inventory records containing employee
   social security numbers and duty stations.
     Authority for maintenance of the system:
       40 U.S.C. 483(b).
     Routine uses of records maintained in the system, including
   categories of users and the purposes of such uses:
       The primary uses of the records are to: (1) Maintain control over
   MMS-owned and controlled property; and (2) maintain up-to-date
   inventory and to record accountability for the property. Disclosure
   outside the Department of the Interior may be made: (1) To the U.S.
   Department of Justice or in a proceeding before a court or
   adjudicative body when (a) the United States, the Department of the
   Interior, a component of the Department, or, when represented by the
   government, an employee of the Department is party to litigation or
   anticipated litigation or has an interest in such litigation, and (b)
   the Department of the Interior determines that the disclosure is
   relevant or necessary to the litigation and is compatible with the
   purpose for which the records were compiled; (2) of information
   indicating a violation or potential violation of a statute,
   regulation, rule, order, or license to appropriate Federal, State,
   local, or foreign agencies responsible for investigating or
   prosecuting the violation or for enforcing or implementing the
   statute, rule, regulation, order, or license; (3) to a congressional
   office from the record of an individual in response to an inquiry the
   individual has made to the congressional office; made at the request
   of that individual; (4) to a Federal Agency which has requested
   information relevant or necessary to its hiring or retention of an
   employee, or issuance of a security clearance, license, contract,
   grant, or other benefit; and (5) of Federal, State, or local agencies
   where necessary to obtain information relevant to the hiring or
   retention of an employee or the issuance of a security clearance,
   license, contract, grant, or other benefit.
     Policies and practices for storing, retrieving, accessing,
   retaining, and disposing of records in the system: 
       Records are both manual and computerized.
       By employee social security number.
       Access by authorized employees only.
     Retention and disposal:
       Retention and disposal is in accordance with General Records
   Schedule No. 23, Item No. 1.
     System manager(s) and address:
       Chief, Support Services Branch, Procurement and Support Services
   Division, Minerals Management Service. Mail Stop 2520, 381 Elden
   Street, Herndon, Virginia 20170-4817 and Chief, Office of
   Administration, Office of Surface Mining, 1951 Constitution Avenue,
   NW, Washington, DC 20240.
     Notification procedure:
       Contact the System Manager or the pertinent field installation.
   See 43 CFR 2.60.
     Record access procedures:
       Same as above or to the pertinent field installation for access.
   See 43 CFR 3.63.
     Contesting record procedures:
       A petition for amendment should be addressed to the System
   Manager and must meet the content requirements of 43 CFR 2.71.
     Record source categories:
       Individual employees and property management personnel.