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Agreements Signed for Flight 93 Memorial Land


Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar today announced at a rooftop news conference Monday that the federal government has reached agreement with all of the landowners for all properties needed for the construction of the Flight 93 Memorial in western Pennsylvania.

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Topic:  Secretary Salazar says with a ground breaking this fall, the memorial should be completed by the 10th anniversary of the September 11 attacks.
“This is a critical milestone.  These agreements will allow us to break ground on the memorial this fall and stay on schedule to complete the memorial by the 10th anniversary of the September 11th attacks.  Today’s agreements are the results of Herculean work by many people over the last several months including the National Park Service, the families of Flight 93, local landowners, Senator Spector, Senator Casey and others.”

Topic:  Secretary Salazar called the fields of western Pennsylvania hallowed ground.
“The fields of Western Pennsylvania are hallowed ground for a nation that is eternally grateful for the passengers of Flight 93.  They are heroes and today is a milestone in commemorating their contribution to our country.  I could not be more proud that the Flight 93 memorial will soon stand in their honor.”

Topic:  Secretary Salazar said Somerset County and the memorial will be good neighbors.
“I was moved frankly, by the people in Somerset Pennsylvania, in the two times that went up there the last six months, about them wanting to be a good neighbor to this memorial.  We in the Department of the Interior and the National Parks will now have a forever presence in Somerset.  And that forever presence will be one where, our hope is, that we’ll have the kind of good neighbor policy and support that we’ve had with so many of our other national parks units around the country.”