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Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar joined President Obama as he signed the Omnibus Public Lands Management Act of 2009 at the White House


Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar joined President Obama as he signed the Omnibus Public Lands Management Act of 2009 at the White House.  Among its many provisions, the bill makes permanent the 26 million acre National Landscape Conservation System along with new wilderness designations, wild and scenic rivers, National Park units, hiking trails, heritage areas, water projects, and historic preservation initiatives.

Topic / Summary / Transcript
Topic: The Secretary says the act recognizes the value of America’s treasured landscapes.
“In this legislation, what is included in here is the protection of over 26 million acres of land within the Bureau of Land Management under the newly created National Landscape Conservation System.  It also protects over a thousand miles of America’s rivers as wild and scenic rivers.  It also creates expansions and protections for national iconic parks from Rocky Mountain National Park to Oregon’s Mount Hood.  It does a number of other things that make sure that we are moving forward with an agenda that recognizes that treasured landscapes of America are very much a part of our history, they are very much a part of our future, they are not only priceless in terms of their value to us as human beings, but they also bring about a huge robust economic infusion into the tourism that is a part of America’s economy.”

Topic: Secretary Salazar calls the creation of the National Landscape Conservation System an historic milestone.
“The historic steps that have been taken in the past have included President Roosevelt’s creation of the National Wildlife Refuge System, and then in later years, John Kennedy as president having his vision for the land and water conservation fund.  Through those efforts over the history of America we have done a lot to protect and preserve what is best of the American outdoor spirit.  Today with the addition of these 26 million acres into a new system called the National Landscape Conservation System, we bring into the forefront of lands that have protected status those lands which are under the jurisdiction of the Bureau of Land Management and the Department of Interior.  It’s a milestone for our department; it’s a milestone that I am very proud of.”   

Topic: Secretary Salazar worked on many of the measures included in Omnibus Public Lands Management Act of 2009 as a senator from Colorado.
“We worked on many aspects of this legislation during the time that I was a United States Senator.  I have always felt that protecting our land and our water and our people is something which is very important.  It’s a great part of the reason why I’m sitting here as Secretary of the Interior today.  This legislation is a fulfillment of that vision.”