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Secretary Salazar Pledges to Restore Trust, Strengthen Tribal Sovereignty, Promote Sustainable Economic Development


Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar met with the Senate Indian Affairs committee on Capitol Hill on Thursday, February 12 to address the new administration’s commitment to Native Americans.

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Topic: Secretary Salazar on the priority of Native American issues within the Obama Administration.
“The nation’s first Americans are going to have a place at the table under President Obama’s administration.  He was very clear about that as he went around the country in his campaign.  He has been very clear about that with me and we will make sure that the issues of Native Americans are a high priority within the Obama administration.”

Topic:  Secretary Salazar's comments on economic recovery plan's investments in Native American communities.
“ I think when that package comes across the finish line there will be a significant infusion into Indian country that hopefully will help us deal with some the economic development challenges that we face in Indian country.  But I do intend to work with my assistant secretary of Indian affairs and with the programs within the Department of the Interior to put a spotlight on creating economic development opportunities.”   

Topic: Secretary Salazar on the need to bolster law enforcement in Indian Country.
“There is no reason why we cannot do more and I will be working closely to develop a program that focuses in on the law enforcement issues.  I know from some of my friends in Indian country, they have told me that methamphedamine is the scurge of the Indian reservations across the entire country.”