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Interior Funding in Economic Recovery Act Would Create 100,000 Jobs


Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar was joined by Senator Benjamin Cardin, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer and Congressman John Sarbanes on Monday Februay 9 at the Patuxent Research Refuge and Wildlife Research Center in Maryland to highlight the job creation and conservation benefits of President Obama’s economic recovery plan, which is currently before Congress.

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Topic: The Secretary says the projects submitted as part of the stimulus package meet the criteria of job creation.
"As the Senate and House work their way through a final bill, we’ll get the final numbers.  What we get, we will make sure that we are expending those monies within the criteria that President Obama announced.  The main component of that is making sure that we’re creating jobs."

Topic:  The research refuge, located between Washington and Baltimore, gained national renown as the place where researchers discovered the link between the pesticide DDT and the decline of many bird species. Secretary Salazar pledged he will work hard with the President to get the stimulus package passed.
"Here at Patuxent what we will see is about a $15 million investment that will go into buildings and to improvements here that will create about a hundred jobs just on this site alone.  And so it’s a great example of the kinds of things that are included in the stimulus bill and I will be working very hard President Obama and his team along with the leadership of both chambers of Congress to try to get this thing across the finish line as soon as possible."

Topic: Secretary Salazar says the 100,000 jobs that could be created by the Department of the Interior will help to stand up the country’s economy again.
"Just the Department of the Interior Portion of the legislation, which is about $4 billion dollars, so it’s a small part of the overall package, will by itself create about a 100, 000 jobs in America.  Creating those kinds of jobs will help us stand up our economy once again."