Bureau of Land Management
More than 10.1 million items, 4,400 cubic feet of objects, and 2,500 linear feet of archives housed at 3 BLM locations and 152 other institutions

Bureau of Reclamation
More than 8.6 million items housed at 10 BOR locations and 68 other institutions

Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement
55 items housed at 3 BSEE locations

Fish & Wildlife Service
More than 4.4 million items housed at 117 FWS locations and 160 other institutions

Indian Affairs
More than 2.8 million items, 6,600 cubic feet of objects, and 200 linear feet of archives housed at 89 IA locations and 66 other institutions

Indian Arts & Crafts Board
More than 11,000 items housed at 3 IACB museums

National Park Service
More than 162.4 million items housed at 324 NPS locations and 587 other institutions

Interior Museum
More than 6,300 items housed at 1 IM location and 4 other institutions

Office of the Special Trustee
175 items Housed at 6 OST locations

US Geological Survey
More than 52,500 items Housed at 1 USGS locations and 2 other institutions