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Selected Legal Titles and Their Locations

      Reference Librarian's Office - RL       Reference Desk - RD       Reading Room - RR       Training Room - TR
Row on Deck 4
Alaska Native Claims Appeals Board Decisions 31 B
American Digest (Decennial Digest) RL
American Jurisprudence (Am Jur) 22 A
American Law Reports (ALR) - 2nd ED.
43 B
American Law Reports (ALR) - 5th Ed. 44 A
American Law Reports (ALR) - Federal 43 B
American Law Reports (ALR) - Index 43 B
American Statistics Index 20 A
Annals of Congress 13 A
Assistant Attorney General (DOI) Opinions 32 B
Atlantic Reporter 25 A
Attorney General Decisions/Digests 33 A
Black's Law Dictionary RR
BLM Public Land Office Orders/Circulars 32 A
Bluebook, The - Uniform System of Citation RD
Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Manual TR
Bureau of Mines Orders (1942) 32 B
Bureau of Reclamation Circulars/Public Notices 32 A
Bureau of Reclamation (BOR) Instructions 32 B
Bureau of Reclamation (BOR) Manual 32 B
California Reporter 43 A
Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) - 1985 to date (for selected titles) 30 A - 31 A
Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) - pre-1985 (for selected titles) 25 B
Cohen's Handbook of Federal Indian Law RR
Comptroller General Decisions 32 B
Comptroller General Digest 32 B
Comptroller of the Treasury Digest 32 B
Congressional Calendars 01 B
Congressional Globe 13 A
Congressional Index 15 B
Congressional Quarterly Almanac 02 A
Congressional Quarterly (Weekly Ed.) 02 A
Congressional Record 13 A - 15 A
Constitution of the United States of America: Analysis and Interpretation RR
Constitution of the United States & Declaration of Independence RD
Copps Landowners/Public Land Laws 31 B
Corpus Juris Secundum (CJS) 22 A
Department of the Interior Rules and Regulations 32 A
Department of the Interior (DOI) Decisions 31 B
Department of the Interior (DOI) Departmental Manual 31 B
Employee's Compensation Appeals Decisions 33 A
Environment Reporter (BNA) 02 B - 03 A
Environmental Law Reporter 03 B
Excess Land Provisions 32 B
Fair Competition/Petroleum Industry Code 32 B
Federal Appendix 42 A - 42 B
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Reports, Statues & Regulations 33 A
Federal Labor Relations Authority (FLRA) Decisions 33 A
Federal Mine Safety/Health Review Commission 33 A
Federal Practice and Procedure 40 A
Federal Reclamation Laws 32 A
Federal Register 10 B - 13 A
Federal Register Indexes 30 A
Federal Reporter 24 A - 24 B
Federal Rules Decisions 23 A
Federal Services Impasse Panel (FSIP) 33 A
Federal Supplement 23 A - 24 A
Fish & Wildlife Service (FWS) Administrative Manual 31 B
Fish & Wildlife Service (FWS) Manual 31 B
GAO Redbook ("Principles of Federal Appropriations Law") 39 A
General Land Office Circulars & Regulations 32 A
Geological Survey (USGS) Manual 31 B
Grazing Decisions 32 A
Handbook of Federal Indian Law RR
Harris Public Land Guide 31 B
Index to Legal Periodicals 04 A
Indian Claims Commission Decisions 34 B
Indian Law Reporter 04 B
Interior Board of Contract Appeals (IBCA) Decisions 32 B
Interior Board of Indian Appeals (IBIA) Decisions 31 B
Interior Board of Land Appeals (IBLA) Decisions 31 B - 32 A
IRS Bulletins and Circulars 33 A
Journals of the Continental Congress 13 A
Justice Department Office of Legal Counsel Opinions 33 A
Kappler Indian Affairs Laws and Treaties RR
Labor-Management Relations Digest & Decisions 33 A
Labor Department Decisions and Appeals 33 A
Land Laws - Lester's 31 B
Law Books, by call number 34 A - 41 B
Law Reviews 01 A - 09 B
Legislative Hist#EBF5DEories of Selected Public Laws 40 B - 41 A 
Manual of Surveying Instructions 32 A
Martindale-Hubbell international law directory RR
Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) Reports 33 A
Mineral Law Digest 31 B
Minerals Management Service (MMS) Manual 31 B
Moore's Federal Practice 39 B
National Labor Relations Act Decisions 33 A
National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) Decisions 33 A
National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) Digest 33 A
National Law Journal 05 B
National Park Service (NPS) Guidelines 31 B
Northeastern Reporter 25 A
Northwestern Reporter 43 A - 43 B
Office of Hearings and Appeals Decisions 31 B
Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Bulletins and Circulars 33 B
Office of Surface Mining (OSM) Manual Directives 31 B
Opinions of the Solicitor Relating to Indian Affairs 40 B
Pacific Digest 42 B
Pacific Reporter#EBF5DE 43 A
Payment of Charges 32 B
Preservation Law Reporter 06 B
Principles of Federal Appropriations Law (GAO Redbook) 39 A
Proceedings of the Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Institute 06 B
Public Papers of the President 20 B
Register of Debates (Annals Congress) 13 A
Secretary of the Interior Annual Reports 33 B
Sessional Indexes - Congressional Globe 13 A
Sessional Indexes (Annals Congress) 13 A
Shepard's Acts & Cases by Popular Name 10 A
Shepard's CFR Citations 30 B
Shepard's U.S. Administrative Citations 35 A
Solicitor's Opinions 31 B
Solicitor's Unpublished Decisions 31 B
Southeastern Reporter 43 A
Southern Reporter 42 B - 43 A
Southwestern Reporter 43 A
State Codes - Selected States 41 A - 42 B
State/Territorial Reports 42 B
Statutes and Statutory Construction 35 B
Supreme Court Reporter 21 A
Sutherland Statutory Construction 35 B
Syllabus Digest (Solicitor's Opinions 1940-1954) 32 A
Tribal Law Reporter 21 A
Uniform System of Citation RR
U.S. Code - Current Volumes 10 A
U.S. Code - Earlier Volumes 25 B - 26 A
U.S. Code Annotated (USCA) 10 A
U.S. Code Congressional & Administrative News 10 A
U.S. Court of Appeals Reports (DC Circuit) 21 B
U.S. Court of Claims Digest 32 B
U.S. Law Week 07 B
U.S. Reports 21 A - 21 B
U.S. Statutes at Large - Public Laws 30 A
Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents 20 B
West's Federal Practice Digest 22 B - 23 A
West's Federal Practice Manual 41 A
West's Nutshell Series (Current Editions) RL
West's American Tribal Law Reporter 21 A
Words & Phrases 22 A