Sam Bradford on Let's Move! in Indian Country

May 25, 2011

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Growing up in a state deeply rooted in Native American culture and traditions, I know we have a long and rich history to live up to.

A history of leaders... heroes... innovators... doctors... athletes.

What will the books our children read say about us?

What beliefs will they hold?

We have to tell them the truth.

That everything is possible through hard work and determination.

Today, Childhood Obesity affects American Indian and Alaska Native Youth more than any other race. To change this, together we must eat healthy, be active and empower our youth to transform their lives and their communities.

That's why I've joined the First Lady to launch Let's Move! in Indian Country.

Send a message to the future.

Let's write a story together. A story where all of us do everything possible to improve the health and lives of Native American Youth.

Make a promise to honor those who came before us and help build future generations of Native leaders, heroes, innovators, and athletes. Visit "Let's Move in Indian Country" to find out more.