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Let's Move! in Indian Country Grants


The Administration for Native Americans (ANA) awards funds through grants to American Indians, Native Americans, Native Alaskans, Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders. These grants are awarded to eligible Tribes and Native non-profits that successfully apply for discretionary funds. ANA updated and published four Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOAs). These four FOAs are standing and therefore no changes were made to policies, procedures, or evaluation criteria since last year.

The application due date for all four is January 31, 2012

Funding Opportunity Number

Opportunity Title

HHS-2011-ACF-ANA-NL-0139 Native Language Preservation and Maintenance
HHS-2011-ACF-ANA-NL-0140 Native Language Preservation and Maintenance – Esther Martinez Initiative
HHS-2011-ACF-ANA-NA-0143 Social and Economic Development Strategies
HHS-2011-ACF-ANA-NR-0142 Environmental Regulatory Enhancement

FOAs can be found on ANA's website at They are also found at Applications may be submitted electronically through or by mail. ANA strongly encourages applicants to submit electronically through Please make sure that you input your application as early as possible to avoid challenges or delays.

Please note that applications received after 4:30 p.m., Eastern Time, on January 31, 2012 will be classified as late and will not be considered in the current competition. Further information on the submission dates and times can be found in the FOA in Section IV.3.

Awards made under the two Native Language FOAs will have a start date of August 1, 2012.

ANA offers pre-application trainings. Pre-Application trainings are designed to provide prospective ANA applicants with nuts and bolts information on the federal application process and the ANA FOAs. To learn more about the training, dates and locations please visit the ANA website at

Remember that in order to apply for or receive ANA grant awards, Tribes and organizations must be registered online with the Central Contractor Registration: This requirement impacts all Federal Opportunity Announcement awards made after October 1, 2010, including continuation awards. In order to receive Federal funding Tribes and organizations, must:

  • Be registered in the CCR prior to submitting an application;
  • Maintain an active CCR registration with current information at all times during which it has an active Federal award or an application under consideration by an agency; and
  • Provide its DUNS number in each application or plan it submits to the agency. CCR registration must be updated annually and can take up to one month to complete, so complete the registration as soon as possible to avoid possible delays!
For more information, email: