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U.S. Department of the Interior - International Affairs
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International Travel Guidance for DOI Employees

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Office of International Affairs
Interior's International Activities
Legal Authorities for DOI International Programs
OIA Staff
OIA Passport and Visa Division
Policy Division

Official Travel Requirements

General travel guidelines for DOI employees can be found in the Departmental Manual, specifically 347 DM. Additional guidance for international travel can be found on this page or by contacting your bureau's international travel coordinator (see table below).

All DOI Employees must have the following documents prior to departure:

Travel Authorization: A Travel Authorization (DI-1020) is required for each international trip. Blanket TAs are not allowed for international travel. Each Assistant Secretary determines who signs the TA for their office and Bureaus. The TA is not signed nor reviewed by the Department.

Foreign Travel Certification: The Department's Foreign Travel Certification Form (DI-1175)is required for each international trip, except for Canada and trips that do not involve an overnight stay. (Note: this requirement includes the freely associated States of the Republic of Palau, the Republic of the Marshall Islands and the Federated States of Micronesia, but not U.S. territories.) Each Assistant Secretary determines who signs the DI-1175 for their offices and Bureaus. For trips to Canada and trips that do not involve an overnight stay, a DI-1175 may still be required for internal bureau control purposes; communicate with bureau international offices if the need arises. All travel that does not require an approved/signed DI-1175 an approved Travel Authorization should be provided to the Passport Office in order for the traveler to be provided their official passport.

The DI-1175 also must be approved by the Department via the Office of International Affairs. USGS travelers should contact their bureau's International Programs Office for guidance on submitting the DI-1175 to the Department. Non-USGS travelers must request OIA approval through the OIA SharePoint site.                                                                                     

U.S. Embassy Approval: Requests for embassy approval can be made by a bureau's International Office or by the traveler themselves via the State Department's eCountry Clearance website. Please check with your bureau representative to determine if you are responsible for submitting the clearance. Employees in the Office of the Secretary are responsible for submitting their own clearance.

It is highly recommended that travelers check the most recent State Department warnings and alerts to learn about security risks for American travelers in a given country. Travel warnings and alerts can be found at OIA also suggests that travelers register for in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program.

Official U.S. Government Passport: Employees traveling internationally on government business are required to travel on official passports (and visas as required). DOI employees (except for USGS and BOR) whose positions require international travel must apply for and obtain their official government passports through the Passport and Visa Division of the Department's Office of International Affairs (OIA). Bureau employees should submit a request for issuance of a passport through their Bureau International Travel Coordinator.Employees of the Office of the Secretary or PMB seeking an official passport may contact OIA's Passport and Visa Division directly at passports@ios.doi.govPlease submit applications at least 4-6 weeks in advance of travel to the OIA's Passport and Visa Division, to allow time for processing by the State Department's passport office. Passports can be requested using this form and a DI-117/TA (as applicable). USGS and BOR International Offices can obtain passports and visas for their employees. Normally, an official passport must be valid for six months after your date of travel, as many countries will not accept passports that are near expiration. 

General Notes:

Please note that bureau employees must work with their bureau's International Office Travel Contacts to process all of the documents listed above according to their bureau's policy. Office of the Secretary and PMB Employees should contact the DOI Office of International Affairs.

Note for DOI employees travelling for DOI's International Technical Assistance Program: Please contact the project manager at DOI-ITAP for whom you will be travelling for details on the travel planning process.

Travel Regulations of Particular Concern to Foreign Travel

All DOI employees must follow U.S. Government Regulations regarding foreign travel, which require the use of U.S. owned airlines to and from the continental U.S., regulate when different classes of travel are permitted, and define when layovers for travel are allowed.

All DOI employees are required to make foreign travel arrangements through the DOI-approved travel system. They cannot be arranged outside of the contracted providers nor paid for with a personal credit card. Use of the travel system will assure compliance with federal official travel regulations.

Note that country clearances, passports, and visas may take several weeks to process. Travelers should initiate necessary action as early as possible.

Department and Bureau International Travel Contacts


Bureau Contact Email Telephone
BIA Eric Wilson, International Affairs Coordinator 202-501-5944
BLM Colin Strylowski, International Affairs Specialist 202-912-7257
BOR  Kendra Russell 202-513-0560
Douglas Olleman
Latosha Jackson 703-358-2418
Jolyn Hopson
BSEE Julie Fleming, Acting Chief, Office of International Programs 703-787-1681
NPS Rudy D'Alessandro, International Cooperation Specialist 202-354-1805
BOEMEmily Lindow, Chief of Staff, Bureau of Ocean Energy Management
OSMRE Sterling Rideout 202-208-2868
USGS Kevin Kunkel, Director of International Programs 703-648-6206
ONRRJennifer Goldblatt, Chief of Staff, Office of Natural Resources Revenue
OS/PMB Karen Senhadji 202-208-5479
DOI Passports and Visas
Corinthia Stewart & Tiffany Cephas 202-208-5292



Federal Travel Regulations regarding Class of Travel and Fly America requirements

State Department per diems for overseas travel

State Department telephone directory

Travel warnings, advisories, and entry requirements

For changes to this guidance, please contact Karen Senhadji. Updated February 2015.