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John Bright, National Park Service Submerged Resources Center archaeologist dives at the English China shipwreck site in Biscayne National Park. The NPS regularly works together with the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management to protect historic properties in the submerged environment. Photograph courtesy of the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management.
     December 3, 2014
From Sunken Ships to Submerged Paleolandscapes

Majuro Atoll, capitol of the Republic of the Marshall Islands is home to approximately 40,000 people. The Marshall Islands is comprised of two parallel chains of low-lying atolls and islands with a land mass of approximately 180 square kilometers spread out over 2,131,000 square kilometers of ocean. Photo by Greg Vaughan.
     December 11, 2014
On the Front Lines: The Impact of Climate Change in the Freely Associated States of Micronesia

Image courtesy of the U.S. Geological Survey
     January 7, 2015
How Unmanned Aircraft Systems Are Changing the Department of the Interior