Coastal Zone 2011 - July 17 to 21 2011
Coastal Zone 2011

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Conference Themes and Focus Areas

Four major themes and four focus areas are designed to spark dialogue and exchange across a wide range of perspectives. Share your expertise and perspectives with an oral or poster presentation, a special session or a café conversation that you propose to convene and facilitate, or host a training workshop.

Use these themes and focus areas to highlight new findings, propose solutions, showcase new technology and data management tools, share management methods that support resource sustainability and vibrant coastal communities.

  1. Planning for Resilient Coasts, Great Lakes, and Ecosystems

  2. Healthy Habitats, Healthy Coastal, and Great Lakes Communities

  3. Observing, Modeling and Monitoring

  4. Vibrant Coastal, Great Lakes, and Marine Economies

Focus Areas
  1. Governance and Policy - Implementation of the U.S. National Ocean Policy and International Policy Initiatives

  2. Implementation - Actions and Planning at International, National, Regional, and Local Scales

  3. Measuring Success – Beyond Performance: Understanding Economic and Social Values and Benefits

  4. Outreach and Engagement - Connecting and Coordinating Stakeholders through Social Media, Outreach, Education, Training, Tools, and Technology

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