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Coastal Zone 2011

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The Winds of Change are coming!
We set sail in one week. Hope to see you there!

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Join us for Coastal Zone 11 Conference -- Winds of Change: Great Lakes, Great Oceans, Great Communities!

Many factors are changing our coastal communities and our estuarine, marine, and Great Lakes environments. Recurring problems such as the impacts of coastal development and new threats such as those related to invasive species, global climate change and other human-induced hazards require new approaches to ocean and coastal resource management. Join us at Coastal Zone 2011, in Chicago, Illinois, to explore these challenges and learn from the experiences of leaders from across the nation and around the world.

The program will include plenary sessions, technical presentations, special panel discussions, café conversations, poster sessions, field trips and training opportunities. The event will provide opportunities to interact and engage over a wide array of coastal and ocean topics.

Present your research findings, participate in a workshop, co-sponsor a special session, host an associated professional meeting. There will be international participation, student awards and much more.

Intended Audiences and Participants:

We welcome you all!

  • Regulators, Policy Makers and Government Representatives,
  • Tribal Nations, Non-Governmental Organizations, Academia, Students,
  • Scientists, Modelers, Researchers, Data Managers,
  • Coastal Planners and Managers at Local, Regional, National and International levels,
  • Developers, Waterfront Infrastructure Managers and Planners,
  • Natural Resource Stakeholders: Fishermen, Aquaculture and Agricultural Representatives, Water Supply and Watershed Managers, Coastal and Marine Resource Managers,
  • Marine Industrial Representatives: Marine Shipping and Transportation, Marine Facility Operators, Coastal and Offshore Energy Developers,
  • Hazard and Emergency Management Planners and Responders, Coastal and Flood-Plain Specialists,
  • Parks and Recreation Directors, Recreational Fishing Interests, Eco-Tour Businesses, Conservationists,
  • Communication Specialists and Informal Educators,
  • You and Your Colleagues.

Please join us July 17-21, 2011, in Chicago, IL to share and launch innovations in future coastal initiatives and partnerships.

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