Coastal Zone 2011 - July 17 to 21 2011
Coastal Zone 2011

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About Us

The Coastal Zone conference is a biennial international symposium that began in 1978. CZ11 is the 17th consecutive conference. For over 33 years CZ has been the largest international gathering of ocean and coastal management professionals in the world. Nearly 1,000 people attend, representing Federal, State, and local governments, academia, nonprofit organizations, and private industry. CZ gives attendees a platform to discuss the issues facing our world’s oceans, coasts and Great Lakes, and a forum for discovering new strategies, solutions, and tools to plan for our future.

CZ11 Executive Committee members:

  • Holly Bamford, NOAA, Deputy Assistant Administrator, National Ocean Service

  • Paul Cough, EPA, Director, Oceans and Coastal Protection Division, Office of Wetlands, Oceans and Watersheds

  • Terry Holman, DOI, Ocean, Coasts, and Great Lakes Activities Coordinator

  • Todd Main, State Of Illinois, Senior Policy Advisor, Illinois Department of Natural Resources

  • Lynn Martin, USACE, Environmental Planner, Institute for Water Resources

  • Kameran L. Onley, Director, U.S. Marine Policy, The Nature Conservancy

  • Conference Chair: Ralph Cantral, NOAA, Senior Policy Advisor, Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management, National Ocean Service

  • Conference Secretariat: Lynne Mersfelder-Lewis, International Affairs Specialist, National Ocean Service

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