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HR Management Suite Information | Automated Staffing Licenses
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General Information

The vision of the Department of the Interior, Interior Business Center's Human Resources Management Suite (HRMS) is to significantly improve the federal governments’ business processes for management of human resources (HR) through seamless, end-to-end, real-time integration between HR and other systems, using Simple Object Access Protocol based web services. This provides single point data capture eliminating redundant data entry, and real-time sharing of data with other systems needing the data, resulting in efficiency gains, improved quality of data, and increased employee satisfaction. Standards based integration sockets support the concept of plug-and-play, allowing HRMS to integrate with solutions from a variety of vendors and federal HR Shared Service Centers (SSCs).

HRMS is a suite of modules, also called bolt-ons (HRMS Modules), a System Integration Framework (HRMS SIF), and a set of standardized integration connectors.   Currently the modules that are operational are: Electronic Contractor Staffing System (eCstaffing), Entrance on Duty System (EODS), Talent Management System (TMS), and Workforce Transformation and Tracking System (WTTS).  Interior Business Center also offers discounted purchase of Automated Staffing Licenses through Monster’s Enterprise Hiring Management, and OPM’s USA Staffing.  An eRecruitment connector is operational, providing real time integration between 3rd-party automated staffing systems, EODS, WTTS, and the Federal Personnel Payroll System (FPPS). 

HRMS received certification and accreditation and authority to operate May 2009.

For further information, please call 303-969-7200

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Automated Staffing Licenses

Interior Business Center offers economies of scale discount license purchases for two best of breed automated staffing solutions: Monster’s Enterprise Hiring Management, and OPM’s USA Staffing. Customers acquiring these products through the Interior Business Center contract are likely to realize greater savings than possible if they purchase subscriptions directly from the vendors.

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Electronic Contractor Staffing System (eCstaffing)

eCstaffing allows users to enter, track, report data on contractor staff, their HSPD-12 information, history of assignment to contracts, history of work recorded by Department/Bureau/Subbureau/Organization, assignment/status of security training, and assignment/status of access to systems. It supports the tracking of training requirements and status as well as the systems for which a contractor has access. eCstaffing is role based, and primarily used by Contracting Officers’ Technical Representatives (COTRs). Additional roles include contracting officer and adjudicator. It provides table driven automated email notification of separation. This supports timely cutoff of access to systems and facilities. It can be used as the System of Record for Contractors if your agency so chooses. The system will be available to customers once enough agencies are interested, so the costs can be shared.

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Talent Management System (TMS)

The Talent Management System supports competency based management of human resources. It consists of two modules—a learning management module and a performance management module. The learning management module allows administrators to set up courses, offerings, and catalogs and for students to sign up for and make payment for courses, both online and classroom. It also provides Individual Develop Plans and an electronic SF-182. The performance management module supports 360 Multi Rater Assessment, Career Planning, Goals Alignment, Succession Planning, and Performance Appraisals.

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Workforce Transformation and Tracking System and Entrance on Duty System (WTTS/EODS)

WTTS allows supervisors or HR specialists to create and track vacancies in advance of creation of SF52 actions.  Personnel and payroll information is sent real time to FPPS, eliminating the need for HR to re-enter data into FPPS. This results in generation of SF52 actions in FPPS directly from WTTS.  It is also one-stop shopping for real-time status of vacancies, announcements, and on-boarding with data from automated staffing systems, FPPS, and EODS.  Authorized users (supervisors, HR specialists, security, and facilities) can view the entry on duty date and location for new hires.  WTTS has real time interfaces with FPPS and two automated staffing systems—Monster’s Enterprise Hiring Management and OPM’s USA Staffing.

EODS provides a library of on-line forms to be filled out by a new hire.  The forms are prefilled with information entered by the selectee during his/her application process.  The EODS is available securely through the public Internet. HR specialists can assign forms for completion by the new hire, track progress, and approve forms on-line.  New Hires can view messages from the HR Office regarding the status of forms submitted.

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