FPPS Datamart

The Federal Personnel Payroll System’s (FPPS) Datamart  is a state-of-the-art, web-based data warehouse environment supporting powerful reporting capabilities, system interfaces and automation of related business processes through Auxiliary systems. The FPPS Datamart  uses an Oracle database and modern analytical query tools. Hyperion Performance Suite, the query tool supported by the Interior Business Center, provides end users the ability to query, analyze, chart and report on data from the FPPS. The Datamart  provides a library of 285 preformatted and ad hoc queries with over 250 agency-specific queries. The preformatted queries enable every FPPS user to get timely information from the Datamart  and produce reports. Agencies can use these queries, or enhance them as they choose. Many reports that previously had to be manually produced by client agencies can be created using Hyperion Performance Suite with the FPPS data. Queries can be run as needed, or scheduled to run automatically. Modern query tools such as Hyperion now allow managers to directly access data from their desktop and process their own queries. The end-user can also export this information to many formats for processing elsewhere. Reuse of this data in other applications can be configured through secure, direct connections to the underlying Oracle database or through other interface options. The Datamart  can also be extended to include agency managed data, such as Learning Management System information or e-Mail addresses, for inclusion in reports and interfaces.

Its advantages are:

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