Accounting Operations Services

Financial Statement Preparation and Reporting

  • We prepare all required CFO-compliant Financial Statements including the accompanying footnotes and supplemental information, and submit within established due dates. We also reconcile data contained in the Financial Statements to the accounting systems.
  • All reporting is in strict accordance with applicable U.S. Treasury, Office of Management and Budget, General Accounting Office, Financial Accounting Standards and Advisory Board, and Department rules and regulations. Considerable emphasis is given to all reporting being on-time and accurate.

General Accounting

  • We perform all appropriated, reimbursable, and trust accounting functions; payroll liaison functions, reconciliations with Treasury; and all general ledger reconciliations. Comprehensive internal reviews in the areas of finance, property and physical property inventories are also provided.

Financial Transactions Processing

At the Interior Business Center, we audit, certify, and schedule vouchers for payment for client agencies.

  • Vendor Payments
    Services under vendor payment include processing vendor payment requests, award updates, adjustments, and recipient expenditure data; correcting data rejected by the financial system; and overseeing the Federal payment process in accordance with Treasury standards for Statement of Differences.
  • Permanent Change of Station (PCS) Payment
    As part of performing relocation services, we determine entitlements, compute advances, pay vouchers, audit selected sample of vouchers, monitor outstanding advances, and certify client agency travel payments with Treasury.

    We provide auditing of Permanent Change of Station (PCS) vouchers and U.S. Government Bill of Lading (GBL) invoices and PCS coordination, which include counseling of transferring employees, making arrangements for shipment of household goods and vehicles, issuance of travel authorizations and travel advances, reporting of taxable income, calculation of Relocation Income Tax Allowance (RITA) vouchers.

    Additional information on the Interior Business Center RRC has been posted on the GSA Web Portal, in response to the Governmentwide Relocation Advisory Board's Findings and Recommendations.

  • Temporary Duty (TDY) Payment
    Under TDY payments, we determine entitlements, compute advances, pay vouchers, audit a selected sample of vouchers, monitor outstanding advances, and certify client agency travel payments with Treasury. At the Interior Business Center, we respond to and resolve vendor and traveler questions concerning payments. In addition, we support desk functions for eTravel systems, such as CGE and E2 Solutions.
  • Grant/Federal Payments
    Our menu of services includes grant processing and other Federal payment requests. In addition, we also administer the following payment programs: travel, third party payment system, IMPAC card and other credit cards.
  • Billings/Collection
    We prepare and input all invoices/billing documents into the accounting systems. Collections can be received from a variety of sources, including Fedwire,, lockbox, cash/checks locally received and credit card.
  • Debt Management
    We manage all delinquent debt in accordance with the Debt Collection Improvement Act and other OMB/Treasury guidance; this includes dunning notices and referral to Treasury for cross-servicing. We perform periodic review and comparison of unliquidated obligations and accounts payable documents against accounting reports to ensure correctness of balances.

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