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Quicktime Time and Attendance System

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Quicktime is a state-of-the-art, Time & Attendance Input System that can be customized for agency-unique requirements.

Quicktime System Features

  • Web-based T&A Input System
  • Automated T&A corrections
  • Menu-driven point and click interface
  • Traditional timekeeper or employee T&A data entry, including a sign-in/sign out feature
  • Default schedules for exception time reporting
  • Configurable system options which include on-line leave and extra hours requests and approvals
  • Agency cost structures or project number validation
  • Electronic signatures
  • Mass reorganization capability
  • Audit trails and management controls
  • Comprehensive edits
  • Informative reports
  • EWD-compliant screens


  • Employees - responsible for T&A data entry by actual time sign-in/sign-out or by recording number of hours worked, leave taken, etc.
  • Timekeepers - perform traditional timekeeper duties; this role can be defined to assume additional duties
  • Certifier - on-line electronic certification
  • Administrators - set up system configuration, relationships, biweekly T&A data transmission

System Configuration Options

  • Role responsibility designations for various system functions
  • Ability to limit employees to local timekeeper regions
  • On-line leave and extra hours request
  • Establishment of minimum/maximum values
  • Can interface with the Interior Business Center or a non-Interior Business Center pay provider

Customer Service/Relationships

  • Dedicated Help Desk staff
  • Problem tracking system
  • On-line help system
  • Training
  • User group meetings
  • Interagency agreements

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