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Payroll Operations

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The Interior Business Center’s Payroll Operations Division is the Department of the Interior's Shared Service Provider of payroll operations, producing accurate and timely paychecks and providing other payroll-related services to DOI as well as other Federal agencies.

Payroll Processing

  • Process, edit, and correct payments to all client agencies Assist and train timekeepers
  • Process retroactive pay
  • Audit back pay
  • Audit, adjust, and certify leave records
  • Handle special pay situations
  • Issue Corrected W2’s
  • Image pay-related documents for digital storage and retrieval

Debt Management

  • Process pay-related debts for active employees
  • Provide appropriate due process and repayment options 
  • Collect debts via payroll deductions or cash payments 
  • Adjust wages and taxes to reflect repayments 
  • Provide Reports on debt collection activities
  • Process External Debts 
  • Accept legal process 
  • Deduct child support, alimony, commercial garnishments, Federal debt offsets, tax levies, bankruptcies, and government credit card
  • Notify employee of upcoming deduction

Payroll Accounting

  • Provide payroll accounting Provide tax accounting
  • Process salary replacement payments
  • Provide payroll certification
  • Comply with Federal tax laws, withholding agreements, accounting methodology, and human resources regulations

Benefits Processing

  • Process all separations, including retirements, preliminary disabilities, and death-in-service Process military service deposits
  • Manage Thrift Savings Plan payroll records
  • Process health benefit enrollments
  • Help resolve health benefit discrepancies with carriers

Client Support

  • Monitor customer satisfaction levels Maintain a quality management system geared towards conformance to requirements, customer objectives, and continual improvement.
  • Provide online user manuals and help systems
  • Partner with clients through user group forums and workshops
  • Offer on-site training programs
  • Assist and train timekeepers
  • Provide a tailored process for new client implementations

For potential clients needing additional information, call 303-969-7200 or Contact Us.

Already an IBC Client? See our Customer Site for additional information or call 1-888-367-1622 for customer support.