Human Resources Operational

General Information

The Department of the Interior’s Interior Business Center provides human resources operational support through its Human Resources Operations Division. Human Resources services and support can be provided in one of two ways: day-to-day operational support or project support. Services can be customized to meet your agency's needs.  Please click on the following services to learn more:

For further information, please call 303-969-7200

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Organization and Position Management

Interior Business Center provides support to customer management in the area of organization and position management to help management design, develop, and implement organization and position structures and to accurately describe and legally classify customer positions.  This includes:

Management officials play an active role in describing position duties when developing position descriptions for classification by Interior Business Center.  Interior Business Center staff also works closely with management officials in position sensitivity designations.

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Staff Acquisition

Interior Business Center has qualified staff to assist and guide agency management through the evaluation, analysis, coordination and implementation of an agency’s staff acquisition strategy and/or staff acquisition plan.  Interior Business Center also provides staff recruitment/application services and can manage the process from start to finish.

Interior Business Center works with customer managers in recruiting and selecting high-quality, productive employees with the right skills and competencies, in accordance with merit system principles.  This includes:

Customer management officials play an active role in identifying evaluation/assessment criteria and tools and similar evaluation methodology related to recruitment activity.  It is also assumed that for those positions in which customer managers and employees serve as rating panel members and/or subject matter experts (SME), that they will be committed to meeting internal established time frames.

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Performance Management

Interior Business Center works with customer management and provides advisory and oversight services for all phases of the customer’s performance management system and processes.  Services include advising management on the development of performance standards, the issuance of performance appraisals, and management advisory services in the area of performance-based actions.

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Compensation Management

Interior Business Center works with customer management to implement compensation programs that attract, retain, and fairly compensate employees.  This includes:

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Benefits Management

Interior Business Center provides support in the area of benefits management as follows: 

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Employee Relations

Interior Business Center provides advisory consultative services in the area of employee relations, to include the following:

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Labor Relations

Interior Business Center provides advisory consultative services in the area of labor relations, to include the following:

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Personnel Action Processing and Recordkeeping

Interior Business Center manages and completes personnel actions to document, establish, change, and correct employee records through the full employee life-cycle.  Actions include but are not limited to recruitments, position changes, employee status changes, compensation and benefit changes, and separations.

This support area includes processing personnel actions, benefits actions, and pay-related actions; serving as the Security Administrator and Security Point of Contact; submitting required reports; and maintaining human resources records.  Specifically: 

It is assumed that customer employees will use Employee Express and other employee self-service options (e.g.,, Thrift Savings Plan web site, etc.) to the extent possible.

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Personnel Security

The Interior Business Center’s Personnel Security Branch is responsible for the implementation and maintenance of personnel security and suitability programs as specified by the Office of Personnel Management, Department of the Interior, Office of Law Enforcement and Security (OLES), and other Agency-specific regulations and guidance.  Specifically, the Personnel Security Office is responsible for the following:

The overall objective of the Personnel Security Branch is to ensure an agency’s workforce displays and maintains high, honest and lawful standards of conduct.  The Personnel Security Branch focus is to assist agencies in implementing and maintaining a personnel security program that has integrity, unbiased, reliable and trustworthy.

For additional information regarding these programs please contact the Interior Business Center Personnel Security Branch at 303-716-4005.  

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