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IBC's Organizational Structure

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Why Work for the Interior Business Center? What Makes Us Different?

Working for the Interior Business Center is a truly unique experience. We operate similarly to the private sector in that we work on a fee-for-service basis. While most federal agencies receive appropriated funds from Congress, the Interior Business Center operates on a full cost recovery basis. This essentially means we need to earn our own business. The good news is there is a lot of business to be captured. We have been doing this work for a long time, and every day we strive to be the best provider of business management services. We've come a long way and hope you'll join us on our journey to become the best.


Located within the Department of the Interior (DOI) for over 30 years, the Interior Business Center has supported the offices and bureaus within the Department as well as federal agencies outside the Department, as a Shared Service Center (SSC) providing world class business management systems and services. An SSC is an organization that exists to provide services to other organizations in one or more Lines of Business (LOB) areas. SSCs leverage economies of scale in delivering business service functions, which dramatically reduce costs, streamline processes and response time, and increase the quality and consistency in service.

IBC offers a diverse, yet integrated set of business management services and solutions, and is currently the only federal agency designated by both the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) as a shared services provider in the financial management and human resources LOBs. A COE is an LOB widely recognized for outstanding performance and which readily outperforms the competition. COEs are chartered with delivering high quality services at competitive prices while striving to improve efficiency over time. The Interior Business Center's strategic framework is built around OMB's COE intent. Our workforce of dedicated professionals with unsurpassed knowledge of federal business practices, along with our ability to leverage government and commercial best practices, allows us to service our customer base of more than 150 government agencies.


The Interior Business Center is headquartered in Washington, DC and has offices across the country. In addition to our Washington, DC location, our primary campus locations and Directorate Headquarters are in Herndon, VA and Denver, CO. We also have offices in Sierra Vista, AZ; Sacramento, CA; Reston, VA; Boise, ID; and Anchorage, AK.

We have a diverse organization comprised of numerous lines of business and service offerings. Click here to view our organizational structure.

Interior Business Center Directorates

The Interior Business Center is comprised of the Office of the Director and three Directorates. An overview of each office's functions is described below.

Office of the Director

The Interior Business Center Director provides leadership and strategic direction for the organization. The Office of the Director manages and oversees enterprise programs including transformation, strategic planning, internal controls and audit oversight, customer relationship management, communications, emergency management, facilities support and coordination of community service activities. The Office of the Director is located in the Main Interior Building in Washington, DC.

Acquisition Services Directorate

The Acquisition Services Directorate (AQD) provides strategic guidance on acquisition, federal assistance, and other transaction policies and practices; serves as a competition advocate; provides budget and rate management; and, administers a management control review program to ensure compliance with statutes and regulations. AQD oversees the acquisition and administrative services under the delegated authority of the Office of Management and Budget and the Department of the Interior for service-for-fee intergovernmental revolving funds. The Directorate provides full end-to-end contract management services. The headquarters office is located in Herndon, VA, and has offices in Washington, DC; Denver, CO; Sierra Vista, AZ; Boise, ID; and Anchorage, AK.

Financial Management Directorate

The Financial Management Directorate (FMD) is responsible for the management and direction of the Financial Management Line of Business (FMLoB) at the Interior Business Center. The FMLoB currently provides accounting support, finance and procurement system management services, and indirect cost services support for both DOI and other Federal agency customers. Financial management shared services include financial and procurement software, accounting/fiscal support, core financial system hosting, operations and maintenance, travel management, quarters management, indirect cost rate negotiations, and other related services. The headquarters office is located in Denver, CO, and has offices in Reston, VA, and Sacramento, CA.

Human Resources Directorate

The Human Resources Directorate (HRD) provides personnel and payroll systems and services on a government-wide basis. HRD develops and supports automated personnel, payroll and related systems, and provides for the design, development, modification, implementation, documentation, and future versions of these systems. This Directorate provides and coordinates all of the necessary activities to convert new clients to the IBC applications, and produces accurate and timely pay and disbursements to numerous agencies and organizations. Additionally, HRD provides the full range of human resources management services. The headquarters office is located in Denver, CO, and has offices in Washington, DC and Herndon, VA.

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