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Meet A Few IBC Employees - April

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: April

Job Title: Human Resources Specialist

Directorate: Human Resources Directorate (HRD)

Education: Master of Business Administration; B.A. Economics

Why did you decide to come to the Interior Business Center?

When I graduated with my bachelors in Economics, I originally wanted to be an anchor on CNBC or another financial news television station, so I started working for a major financial company. After a couple of years in the financial industry and while pursuing my MBA, I realized that my true strength is in “people operations,” so I started thinking about pursuing a career in HR. Luckily, I attended a career fair where IBC was recruiting for a position in HR, I ended up interviewing sometime later and the rest is history!

Why do you like working at the Interior Business Center?

There are several reasons why I enjoy working for IBC. The outstanding leadership, customer service oriented organization, and most of all the diversity in work available to perform. IBC is shared service center, which means that we are a fee for service organization and our funds are non-appropriated. I think that this makes IBC unique in the way that it operates in comparison to other government agencies. IBC is extremely customer oriented and offers all kinds of different services to our customers, which in turn, allows employees the opportunity to work in many different facets of the organization.

What is unique about your role?

I work in Human Resources; I am part of the HR Services and Support Branch which provides support for all of the different systems offered to our customers. We are able to help our clients transform the way that they currently manage their people through the implementation of systems. The government hasn’t always been known for having the most revolutionary systems/technology, so the fact that we are using these systems that enable our clients (and ourselves) to operate more efficiently and effectively, is a profound turning point in government.

What cool/interesting projects have you worked on at the Interior Business Center?

Throughout my time at IBC I have had the opportunity to work on many different project groups for reorganizations. This allowed me to touch almost every part of IBC and work with customers from all different aspects of their organization, from IT to finance to employee relations. It is exciting to learn about different organizations and how they operate and what IBC can do to help them as they become our customer.

What has been the most amazing experience or day you've had at the Interior Business Center thus far?

Every day I get to work with my colleagues at IBC is a great day! One of my most memorable experiences was visiting the Main Interior Building in D.C., it made me feel part of the bigger picture and like we are here doing something that is truly impactful, that makes a difference. The best part of working at IBC is that everyone genuinely cares about the work that they are doing and wants to make a positive difference not just for IBC, but the federal government at large.

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