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News Release

Welcome EPA. Way to Go, IBC.


The Interior Business Center (IBC) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have successfully migrated EPA to IBC for payroll services.EPA Logo

Effective June 1, 2014, IBC is EPA’s payroll services provider. More specifically, IBC provides EPA with the following services and systems: 

  • Federal Personnel and Payroll System (FPPS)
  • Workforce Transformation and Tracking System (WTTS)
  • Entrance on Duty System (EODS)
  • One EPA region is using IBC’s Talent Management System (TMS)

Several HRD divisions engaged in bringing EPA to IBC's payroll services, including Personnel and Payroll Systems, Systems Migration and Services, Payroll Operations, Human Capital, and Human Resources Management Systems. Over 50 IBC employees and at least 20 EPA employees worked on a variety of components of the process, from data conversion through testing to training and support.


Long Road

IBC's Client Migration Branch, in conjunction with its Payroll Operations and Personnel/Payroll Systems, has worked with EPA since January 2010 on planning and preparing for this migration. EPA made the decision to migrate to IBC in early 2011. EPA decided not migrate to IBC's webTA (time and attendance) system at this time due to constraints associated with their current T&A system and financial systems. EPA is the first client that IBC has migrated from the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) and one of the major challenges was data conversion.

IBC + EPA = Teamwork

EPA and IBC teams work jointly to ensure that this venture was a monumental success. (Pictured: Members of EPA's "One-Stop" team.) 

The process included two parallels and several end-to-end tests. Testing ensured that data from the EPA and DFAS was submitted properly and converted accurately into the Federal img_EPA_1Personnel Payroll System. During the parallels, Payroll Operations validated EPA's converted data using DFAS paperwork. 

IBC provided multiple training sessions to ensure EPA developed a good understanding of the functionality of the FPPS system. Additional training was provided for account, debts and leave share, payroll rules and regulations, Datamart, WTTS/EODS and TMS. IBC also provided multiple Web-based training sessions for EPA to ensure ongoing training for their employees. 

Going Forward – Shared Services is Good Government

IBC will monitor performance to ensure each and every EPA employee is paid accurately. With contingency plans already written in the event of any T&A issues, IBC is prepared to issue off-cycle payments to quickly pay employees impacted by unforeseen situations. 

With EPA, IBC gains a large client with an interesting mission that will add to the breadth of its spectrum of clients. EPA gains a provider focused on serving them, allowing EPA to focus on their mission.