News Release

Meet Chad Fleck, Training Officer, IBC


Chad Fleck, IBC Training Officer
Chad Fleck, new Training Officer,
joined the Interior Business Center
on February 24, 2014.

From teaching seventh graders in Nepal to managing employee development at the U.S. Mint, Chad Fleck brings a broad background, and 17 years of experience focused on training and development, to his role as Interior Business Center’s new training officer.

Chad’s view of the job ahead: "In a nutshell, I'll be an advocate for employee development across IBC. First I need to learn about the work and learning needs in the IBC directorates (Acquisition Services, Financial Management, Human Resources) and the Director's Office. Then my job is to help the organization meet those needs strategically, today and into the years ahead."

Chad enters on duty with 14 years of federal service, including ten with the Peace Corps (Nepal, Swaziland and Washington, DC) and four years with the U.S. Mint in Denver. He grew up in the midwest (Ohio) and relocated to Denver in 2009, with wife and daughter, where they enjoy being close to family, all the opportunities for camping and, as he says, “traveling to hard-to-reach places.”

Looking back at his varied experience in training and education, Chad recalled one of his best "aha" moments came while helping seventh grade students in rural Nepal. Struggling to help his students understand the abstract concept of bar charts, he found a way: use something concrete that they already knew. He used the measuring cylinders used in science class as a model and they made the connection.

Chad Fleck likes a challenge--and helping others get to “hard-to-reach” places.