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Interior Business Center Assists Customers to Obtain Clean Audit Opinions


The Interior Business Center (IBC) received recognition for its contributions to customers receiving clean audit opinions. Recently, the Office of Special Council’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) congratulated IBC’s financial management staff on their outstanding work to ensure a clean opinion for the FY 2013 audit. IBC was also commended for its contributions to the Department of the Interior’s (DOI) 17th consecutive clean audit opinion and for the support to DOI’s Deputy CFO and the Office of Financial Management to be one of the first organizations to submit the required FY 2013 Agency Financial Report to OMB (tied with NASA). Adopting an efficient and effective security approach, IBC has supported multiple federal financial management clients with their external audits and reviews. IBC is subject to an annual Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements (SSAE) No. 16 – Reporting on Controls at a Service Organization – audit of all of its financial applications as well as the data centers.

Bob Bowles
Bob Bowles leads IBC’s Technical Support Branch with the Financial Management Directorate (FMD), ensuring that financial systems and services comply with laws and regulations supporting federal financial management accountability, financial control, and IT security.

IBC shares annual audit reports with its financial management customers. These reports assist client agencies in planning the audit of their financial statements. Along with the annual reports, clients receive information regarding IBC’s controls and the effectiveness of those controls.

Furthermore, IBC’s financial management staff is available to meet with client agency auditors to answer all questions related to the technical operations of applications hosted by the IBC, including internal controls, physical security, change control, disaster recovery, etc.

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