Ways to Reduce

  • Set your photocopiers and printers to print on both sides by default.

  • Make computer files, not paper files when possible

  • Get your address removed from junk mail lists

  • Buy in bulk to reduce packaging

  • Buy concentrates

  • Buy your coffee at a store where you get a discount for using own mug

  • Reduce excess packing

  • Permanent dishes, napkins, etc.

  • Print documents single spaced, even for drafts

  • Reusable or canvas bags

  • Desk-top trash cans, desk-top compost cans

  • Label trashcans as landfills (with picture of landfill) and include cost of depositing trash in landfill

Ways to Reuse

  • Reuse envelopes and send them through the mail again whenever possible

  • Have each staff person set aside paper that they use on only one side

  • Encourage staff to use reusable coffee mugs

  • Invest in rechargeable batteries and battery chargers

  • Donate leftover food to people or animals

  • Reuse corrugated moving boxes internally.

Ways to Recycle

  • Have office wide recycling competitions with prizes for whoever reduces/reuses/recycles the most

  • Buy "recycled" toner cartridges – you're not recycling if you don't buy recycled

  • Use office status reports on recycling and waste reduction rates to let employees know how the office is doing in terms of waste prevention and recycling