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Federal Bike Challenge

 Federal Bike-To-Work Challenge

What is the Federal Bike Challenge?

The Challenge is a free, friendly competition between groups of federal employees to bicycle to and from work as often as possible during the month of May. Participants log their bicycle commutes, or trips, on a website. The website tabulates number of trips, percentage of possible trips commuted by bicycle, total miles bicycled, and reduction in CO2 from bicycling. These statistics are available for the participant, a team the participant is on, an office, a bureau, department, and the Federal Government. Teams may challenge other teams.

How do I join the Federal Bike Challenge?

Talk to colleagues in your office about joining the Challenge. One person in the office registers as a team captain and invites others to join the team.

  • Website Security

    A quick note about your password: The "Challenge" website has extremely low security, as it doesn't contain any particularly secure information.

    Plus, it's not a federal site.

    So, if you create an account, be sure to avoid using any password that you use anywhere else. That's always a good rule, but is especially true here.

    To be a team captain, go to the details below under ‘To Start a Team’ and sign up as a ‘Team Captain’ if you expect to have 3 or more other riders joining you in the Challenge. If there will be fewer than 4 bicyclists participating in your office you can register as a solo rider or contact another office to join a team.  Because team size is limited to 10 bicyclists, offices with more than 10 bicyclists may form more than one team.  Team captains invite other bicyclists to join the team by email through the website. The role of a team captain is not onerous—you register the team, invite colleagues to join (a minimum of 4 team members is required and a team can consist of no more than 10 members), and encourage teammates to bicycle often.
  • To respond to an invitation to join a team, click on the link in the email invitation and complete the profile information, as shown below under ‘To join a team.'


What other resources are available for bicycle commuting?

DOI Bicycle Subsidy Benefit Program website:

Federal recognition of Federal Bike to Work Challenge as a GreenGov Spotlight Community:

Executive Order 13693 - Planning for Federal Sustainability in the Next Decade:


Who can I contact in the Department of the Interior to get more information about the Federal Bike Challenge?

Terrence Conlon, U.S. Geological Survey, can provide information. Email at

What are the details to start a team or join a team?


Enjoy and celebrate!


2012 USGS Oregon Water Science Center Bike to Work Team
2012 USGS Oregon Water Science Center, Federal Bike to Work Challenge Team.  The team and its leader, Terrence Conlon, received recognition from the Department of Transportation for their efforts in the 2012 Challenge.