The DOI goal is to purchase products that have the highest percentage of recovered materials practicable, considering product price, availability, and performance. DOI will focus this effort particularly on products designated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the Comprehensive Procurement Guideline (CPG), summarized in Appendix C. The DOI goal also is to purchase evironmentally preferable products and biobased products.

Targeting products and services purchased routinely, DOI commits to reach one- hundred percent compliance with the following goals, and to improve by at least 30% each year until these goals are achieved (FY 2000 becomes baseline):

  • Operate all DOI-managed fleet vehicles (including owned and leased) using re-refined oil, retread tires (when replacing tires), and reclaimed engine coolant. (Note: Certain vehicle types will be targeted for retread use when replacing tires as clarified in forthcoming Department guidance.)

  • Utilize in the operation of all DOI facilities (including owned and leased space) recycled-content bathroom tissue, paper towels, and plastic trash bags.

  • All copy paper used by DOI will contain at least 30% postconsumer material.

  • At all DOI facilities, utilize copy paper, bathroom tissue, and paper towels that have been manufactured without the use of chlorine in deinking and bleaching.

  • Utilize either recycled content carpet (face fiber or backing) or factory- refurbishable carpet for all new installations in DOI facilities.

  • On a pilot basis, utilize biobased, biodegradable lubricating and hydraulic oils in equipment where spillage to the environment might occur (e.g., chain saws, marine outboards, lawn mowers, and snow mobiles).