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Use of Re-refined Oil in Fleet Motor Vehicles

April 13, 2000

To:             Assistant Directors for Administration

From:        Debra E. Sonderman, Director /signed/

                  Office of Acquisition and Property Management


The rising price of oil poses a real threat to the American economy and serves as a reminder of our Nation's dependence on foreign petroleum. We can reduce Interior's use of petroleum in our operations in many ways. We can practice energy conservation, drive alternative fueled vehicles and use re-refined motor oil in our vehicle fleet. Executive Order 13101, "Greening the Government Through Waste Prevention, Recycling and Federal Acquisition," and Section 6002 of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act mandate that Federal agencies use re-refined motor oil, as appropriate.

To meet these requirements, Interior's bureaus must buy and use re-refined oil in our 32,000 leased and owned fleet motor vehicles to the maximum extent practicable. The Strategic Plan for Greening the Department of the Interior Through Waste Prevention, Recycling, and Federal Acquisition established a goal for Interior of one hundred percent compliance in the use of re-refined oil. Interior has embraced and promoted green technologies over the past two decades. Fleets throughout Interior and other Federal agencies successfully use re-refined oil, keeping used oil out of the waste stream.

Currently, there are several sources for re-refined oil. One source is the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), which is a preferred source of supply for the Federal government. DLA offers re-refined oil at competitive market prices. DLA's suppliers offer a closed loop system in which they pick-up the used re-refined oil from facilities as part of their service at no cost. The suppliers re-refine the recovered oil and make it available for use again. Such an environmentally friendly closed loop system should be part of any re-refined oil program practiced at our facilities. To help increase its use, I have requested DLA to automatically substitute re-refined oil for all of Interior's orders of virgin oil. Your bureau's facilities nationwide that are demonstrating leadership in the use of re-refined oil should be commended. Please ensure that your bureau managers actively pursue ways of making this very worthy endeavor a success. Information on DLA's re-refined oil program can be found at Frequently asked questions about re-refined oil are attached, and will be posted on the PAM home page.

We will work closely with the Office of Environmental Policy and Compliance and the bureaus to develop the necessary guidelines to increase our use of re-refined oil. Thank you for your support of this important effort.

cc:   Deputy Chief of Staff
Director, Office of Administration
Director, Office of Environmental Policy and Compliance
Acquisition Management Partnership
Bureau Fleet Managers