Project Overview: Both the North Rim and the South Rim range surfaces were cleaned of spent shell casings, and the earthen backstops were cleaned of lead bullet fragments. Compacted earthen berms were constructed and concrete slabs were placed on the face slopes. The Sacon block perimeter wall was built, and the sacon water leaching block was installed at the toe of the new backstops. The backstops were then filled with a shredded rubber tire medium which was treated with Gel-Cor (TM) fire retardant.

The North Rim range surface will be allowed to revegetate in native grasses, as existed before remediation. The South Rim range surface was treated with a "soil cement" hardener, as it experiences considerably more use than the North Rim range.

The NPS Denver Service Center provided the predesign drawings and performance specifications. A design/build contract was issued to a contractor who prepared final drawings, specs, and performance of the work.

The new ranges became operational in late fall, '04. The primary warranty issue thus far involves uneven finish on the soil cement surface of the South Rim range, and is being addressed by the contractor.

Project Points of Contact
Project Manager

Michael Leary, Denver Service Center
Park Environment Manager

John Besears, Grand Canyon National Park