The United States Department of the Interior
Bureau of Reclamation
Centennial Job Corps Civilian Conservation Center
Nampa, Idaho

The Bureau of Reclamation operates five Job Corps Civilian Conservation Centers under a cooperative agreement with the Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration. The Marsing Job Corps Civilian Conservation Center, operated by Reclamation, was renamed and relocated in September 1997 to a new facility in Nampa, Idaho.

The Department of Labor, Office of Job Corps, funded the new Centennial Job Corps Civilian Conservation Center facility, and a joint dedication ceremony was conducted on October 30, 1997. The facility is a 1997 Federal Energy Saver Showcase Facility.

Energy Efficiency Features

This state-of-the-art, energy-efficient, 190,000 square foot facility incorporates design features such as:

  • Direct digital centrally controlled computer system for heating, ventilating and air-conditioning energy efficiency

  • Electric lighting efficiency devices, including occupancy sensors, T-8 fluorescent lamps with electronic ballasts, compact fluorescent lights, LED exit lights, and high pressure and metal halide lamps in the warehouse and exterior parking, respectively

  • Irrigation and xeriscaping for reduced water use by using drought-tolerant grasses and drip techniques around the shrub area

  • Low-E, double-pane windows with 1-inch insulating glass for architectural and envelope energy efficiency

  • Low-flow shower restrictors, toilets, and urinals for water conservation.

Project Cost and Savings

Construction costs for the Job Corps facility totaled $16.4 million.