November 12, 2002


To:             Heads of Bureaus and Offices

From:        Willie R. Taylor, Director - Office of Environmental Policy and Compliance

Subject:     Departmental Summary of the Fiscal Year 2002 Annual Report on Bureau Environmental Auditing Programs and Activities

As you are aware, environmental auditing of all Department of the Interior (DOI) facilities is required by Departmental Manual Chapter, 515 DM 2, "Environmental Auditing." In addition, 518 DM 2, "Compliance with Waste Management Requirements" addresses the commitment of DOI to comply with applicable Federal, state, and local environmental requirements.

This report entitled, "DOI Summary of the Fiscal Year 2002 Annual Report on Bureau Environmental Auditing Programs and Activities," prepared by the Office of Environmental Policy and Compliance is provided for your information. The purpose of this report is to provide the Department with feedback as to the progress that bureaus are making in the area of environmental auditing. The report covers Fiscal Year 2002 (FY 02) beginning October 1, 2001 through September 30, 2002.

The attachment summarizes auditing data by bureau. For FY 02, a total of 416 facilities were audited resulting in a cumulative total of 2,092 facilities audited to date. Bureaus reported an estimated 491 facility audits are scheduled for FY 03. The attachment also summarizes major audit issues identified and the costs associated with respective bureau environmental auditing programs in FY 02.

The Secretary has emphasized that compliance with environmental laws and regulations remains a high priority for the Department. Therefore, Heads of DOI Bureaus and Offices must ensure that this is communicated to all bureau managers and reflected in their programs. Furthermore, it is the responsibility of DOI facility managers (e.g., area/field office managers, district managers, refuge managers, park superintendents, etc.) to ensure that corrective actions are completed within their respective facilities as a result of audit findings and to request the necessary funding through their respective budget process. Bureaus were also reminded that Departmental Manual Chapter, 515 DM 2(C) requires baseline environmental audits to be completed by September 8, 2002.

If you have any questions, please contact Jim Ortiz, Solid and Hazardous Materials Management Team, at (202) 208-7553.


cc: Deputy Solicitor
Assistant Secretaries
Associate Solicitor - Land & Water Resources
Compliance Branch
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DOI Summary of Annual Bureau Reports on Environmental Auditing Programs and Activities for FY 2002

Bureau # of Owner/Operated Facilities
# of Facilities Audited
 Cumulative Total # of Facilities Audited to Date (all years)
 # of Facility Audits Sch. in FY 03
BIA ** 2 239 10
BLM* 149 39 177 44
BOR* 156 62 201 128
FWS 850 91 845 110
GS* 640 77 224 50
NPS* 1036 67 292 142
OAS 2 0 3 1
3191 416 2092 491

*Includes Third Party Facilities (e.g. concessions).
** For FY 02, BIA has stated that the number of facilities subject to audit has yet to be determined as part of its Environmental Management Audit Program development.

Major Audit Issues Identified and Total Cost of Administering Bureau Environmental Auditing Programs in FY 2002

Bureau Major Audit Issues Identified
Total Cost of Program Audit
BIA A. Hazardous waste determination and management.
B. Battery and used oil disposal.
C. Spill prevention countermeasure and control (SPCC) planning.
BLM A. Operation and maintenance of drinking water systems.
B. Storage and transportation of flammable and hazardous materials.
C. Management of hazardous materials, hazardous wastes, and used oil. d. Employee Hazard specific training.
BOR A. SPCC planning.
B. Labeling of drums.
C. Hazardous waste disposal accumulation
FWS A. Written hazard communications plans.
B. Hazardous materials storage and waste management.
GS A. Waste characterization.
B. Hazard communication.
C. Hazardous materials storage and labeling.
NPS A. Hazard communication.
B. Hazardous waste management.
C. SPCC planning.