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Environmental Achievement Award Recipients


Dr. John Portnoy, Ecologist - Herring River Salt Marsh Restoration, Cape Cod National Seashore, NPS. For over twenty years, John Portnoy diligently conducted scientific studies, involved stakeholders, and advocated for the Herring River restoration project. On September 14, 2005, the Cape Cod National Seashore and the Town of Wellfleet, MA signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to proceed with the restoration. more


Students Against Global Abuse at Herndon High School (SAGA) Partnership with MMS -Taking the Initiative, Reston, Virginia. SAGA students educate employees about recycling and collect recyclable materials at large facilities, including the MMS facility in Reston. Recycling proceeds go into a scholarship fund for Herndon High School students. more

The California BLM Abandoned Mine Lands Team - Boston Placer Mine Sluice Tunnel Remediation Project, Red Dog, California. The Boston Placer hydraulic gold mine Sluice Tunnel Remediation Project was the first successful mercury removal, recovery, and recycling pilot project of its kind. The Abandoned Mine Lands Team used innovative project remediation concepts and successfully executed new remediation solutions. more

JW Dalton Legacy Well Cleanup Project Team, National Petroleum Reserve, Alaska, BLM. Accelerated shoreline erosion of the Beaufort Sea exposed a well casing. Release of well contaminats into the sea could have affected marine life and subsistence resources. After securing emergency funding, BLM assembled a team of specialists to develop and implement an ambitious plan to remove environmental hazards from the site. Field work was complicated by the site's remote location and extreme daily temperatures averaging 30 degrees below zero. more

Missisquoi National Wildlife Refuge "Green" Headquarters and Visitor Contact Station Team, Swanton, Vermont, FWS. The Missisquoi NWR Headquarters and Visitor Contact Station construction project upholds the principles of sustainable design including minimizing energy use, making efficient use of resources, and reflecting sensitivity to the site. The collaborative design for the project included community members, community partners, Efficiency Vermont, the State of Vermont, the Town of Swanton, the FWS, and a design team led by Centerbrook Associates of Centerbrook, Connecticut. more

Northeast Regional Office Green Team and Rick O. Bennett, Deputy Regional Director, Hadley, Massachusetts, FWS. A Green Team formed in the Northeast Regional Office of the FWS made significant environmental improvements to its 72,000-square-foot, GSA-leased facility through its exemplary Environmental Management System. Members of the 20-person team, volunteers from all major programs in the 250-employee office, serve on an advisory group and/or the Landscaping, Energy, Recycling, or Transportation work groups. more


Doyon/ARAMARK Joint Venture, Planet EVERgreen: Protecting and Preserving "The Last Frontier," Denali National Park and Preserve, Alaska, NPS. Doyon/ARAMARK implemented PlanetEVERgreen, its Environmental Management System, certified to the ISO 14001:2004 standard. Doyon/ARAMARK excels in environmental management by setting documented measurable objectives and targets based on the 8 Pillars of Planet EVERgreen. Doyon/ARAMARK serves over 300,000 Park visitors each year and commits to teaching environmental stewardship to visitors and employees. more

Yellowstone National Park and Concessioner Employees, Montana and Wyoming Departments of Environmental Quality, and Environmental Protection Agency, Region 8, Environmental Stewardship at Yellowstone National Park and the greater Yellowstone area, Wyoming. In 1997, when Yellowstone National Park celebrated its 125th anniversary as the world's first national park, park staff began the "Greening of Yellowstone" initiative. Since that time, the park and its partners have made remarkable advances in promoting sustainable practices and advancing sound environmental stewardship initiatives. Accomplishments include achieving a 65 percent diversion rate of solid waste, and creating a program and technology to collect and recycle camp stove propane cylinders in the greater Yellowstone area. more


Environcon Matheson Ore Transfer Station Cleanup - Pollution Prevention, Michelle Prowse, Richard Sugarek, John Spitzley, California, BOR more

Office Electronic Equipment Recycling Team, Alaska, FWS more

Yosemite Valley Hybrid Shuttle Bus Project, California, NPS more

Collaborative 2005 Colorado River Shoreline Cleanup, BOR, City of Yuma Clean and Beautiful, and Boy Scouts of America, Arizona, BOR more

Environmental Stewardship at Xanterra Zion Lodge Reduces Impact on a Global Scale Station, Utah, NPS more

Sustainable Principles Rehabilitate the Gateway NRA Visitor Contact Station, Gateway NRA, Denver Service Center, and National Renewable Energy Lab, New York, NPS more

Bozeman Fish Technology Center Environmental Management and Energy Conservation Team, Montana, FWS more

Rhode Island National Wildlife Complex Headquarters and Kettle Pond Visitor Center, Pam Rooney, Supervisory Architect, Rhode Island, FWS more

Great American Cleanup, Boise & Twin Falls Districts, Idaho, BLM more

Dale Hollow National Fish Hatchery Environmental Management System, Andrew Currie, Project Leader, Tennessee, FWS more

Prineville Bureau of Land Management District - Biomass Fuel Reduction Fire Prevention Program, Oregon, BLM more