Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, National Park Service (NPS), Michigan
Individual, Minimizing Petroleum Use

Mr. Chris Case, Facility Manager at the NPS Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, is recognized for his ground-breaking work institutionalizing the Pictured Rocks comprehensive Bio-Fluids/Lubricants Program. This program created and managed by him, showcases the effectiveness and benefits of bio-based fuels and lubricants use at DOI facilities. For example, his program demonstrated that biodiesel works effectively even in Michigan's cold winter temperatures, which had been a barrier to biodiesel use at some DOI facilities. His most note-worthy accomplishment's is that he shares his knowledge and experiences with other facility managers in DOI and across the Government. Through his far-reaching education efforts, he has presented his lessons learned to nearly 1,000 Government employees and officials who can duplicate his success.

Chris Case Photo 1
Left to Right: Fran Mainella, Chris Case, Lynn Scarlett

Chris Case Photo 2
Left to Right: Gale Norton, Chris Case, Lynn Scarlett

Project Point of Contact

Chris Case, Facility Manager
National Park Service, Munsing, Michigan
Phone: 906-387-2607
Email: chris_case@nps.gov

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