NPS, “Ecologix” Environmental Management System

The integration of business and ecology though “Ecologix”, Xanterra’s Environmental Management System (EMS), is a shining example of their commitment to the National Park Service mission and the environment. Environmental Management Systems create and put into use policies, plans, practices, and evaluations to ensure environmental goals are set and met. Ecologix is not only a comprehensive and effective EMS, Xanterra has made Ecologix available to all Xanterra managers and is ISO 14001 certified. ISO 14001 is a rigorous certification process where EMS' are reviewed by third parties against stringent criteria to ensure excellence for the environment.

From left to right: Jim Poole, Jo Pendry, Brian Stewart, Steven Griles, Chris Lane, Jim Hanna
From left to right: Jim Poole, Jo Pendry, Brian Stewart,
Steven Griles, Chris Lane, Jim Hanna

In addition to their EMS, Xanterra has shown a true commitment to NPS, DOI, and the environment by sharing their Sustainability Report. Compiled for the first time in 2003, it the first among NPS concessioners and one of a few in the entire tourism industry. This environmental report fully discloses every aspect of the company's environmental footprint, as well as reductions in resource consumption. Some specific highlights of their results-based EMS at Zion include reduction in water consumption by 40%, in solid waste by 59%, and in electricity usage by 25%. Another effective communication tool is the Baseline Resource Tracking System (BRTS), which measures quantitative baseline information against past operations and programs. For example, the BRTS tracks resource conservation and consumption including electricity, natural gas, solid waste, solid waste recycled, water, gasoline, diesel, propane, hazardous waste, hazardous waste recycled, waste water, and fuel oil. Adding to Xanterra's achievement, they have taken steps to integrate renewable energy technologies through the use of wind power.

Project Point of Contact

Brian Stewart, Environmental, Health and Safety Officer
Xanterra Parks & Resorts
National Park Service Concessioner, Yellowstone National Park
Phone: 435-772-3213

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